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tv   Glenn Beck  FOX News  March 17, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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fan at the same time. we're also on japan and the guy who knows all important about how japan is to the financial world. joe brown, giant at ubs. the former democratic governor of virginia, doug wilder. this weekend, world coming back from the brink. we're here live saturday. >> glenn: hello, america. i want to welcome you to the "glenn beck program" and tell you tonight i'm going to lay out a theory. i have a lot of facts but i want to separate from facts from theory and you have to help figure this out. something is very wrong. it has been a busy couple of weeks for the president. there is a lot going on in the world. his job to lead the free world. what is he doing? he just carted his 60th round of golf as president. who hasn't golfed at least 60 times in the last two years? then, of course, the ncaa brackets. there is always a crisis. march madness is only once a year. today is st. patty's day. president went to capitol hill to celebrate that with
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congressional leaders. tomorrow, it's off for a well-deserved vacation in beautiful rio de janeiro. wow! may i just ask is he bidding on the "price is right" showcase showdown or is he running the free world? tonight, you decide. ♪ ♪ >> glenn: hello, america. there is a few things here i have to lay out with you. and it's disturbing. a couple of reports that came to our attention a few weeks ago. but i want to put them together with the facts and then you decide. this administration's reaction to the events in the world has been incredible. i mean it's the kind of foreign policy that we should
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have expected when joe biden was touted as the foreign policy expert and president obama is disconnected, lackluster and inconsistent. you would think who is running p.r.? do you remember when george w. bush gave up golf because it looked bad? well, now we have golf and everything else. it looks bad, mr. president. but it's not looks that count. there is something wrong here. he urged more rebellions after egypt. after the rebellions start in libya against colonel gaddafi he can't find five minutes to come out and voice his support. also, we want find a way to have air cover for rioters or revolutionaries or for the young people that just want freedom and away from a dictator. there is something wrong here. i'm going to give you facts tonight. but i also want to tell you my opinion and it's really not just an opinion. i'm working on a theory here.
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the opinion really is that it's something wrong. something is very wrong. i think there are three explanations, as i take you through this tonight. there is three possible explanations. one, style. the president has the style we haven't seen in any other president before. it doesn't make it right or wrong, it just is a style change. two, he's out of touch. he's disengaged. he is kind of in between presidential and king louis and marie antoinette. remember, when they said the people are starving and she said, "let them eat cake." she didn't say that it way. she didn't say "let them eat cake" as an insult. she meant there is cake everywhere. everywhere i go there are cake. why aren't they eating cake? they were that out of touch. and the third one is there is an unspoken agenda. the president is doing something that nobody is talking about. it's different than what you
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and i would do or expect from the president of the united states. or this administration. something is wrong. with the way the president is handling the middle east. libya tonight in particular. and japan. i want to lay out a case. i want to start with reverend wright. we know reverend wright. he was his reverend for 20 years. reverend wright is more than that. this is the guy who taught him and led him to jesus. i heard a speech a couple of years ago where the president said he had no understanding or appreciation really for jesus and the gospel. until he got it from reverend wright. now, reverend wright understands a collective salvation. the idea that you can't be redeemed or saved unless everyone is. and whatever you decide is true. that's fine for you. i'm not trying to preach religion to you. but i'm telling you that it's the exact opposite of what jesus taught. you can't find collective salvation in the gospel.
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it's nowhere to be found there are no ifs, ands or buts on that. none. individual salvation is universally accepted as the principal message of jesus christ. it's important because it's the antithesis of what jesus taught. we begin there. belief in collective salvation. the idea that you have to help others and you have to save others as the whole group, and if you don't, well, then you aren't saved either. by saving others that can't help themselves, sometimes you're going the to have to tell people they have to do something they don't want to do, or you have to force them to do whatever it is, because you've got to save everybody. this is his understanding of christ through reverend wright. later in life, the president replaced reverend wright with another guy. once we found out about reverend wright, he went to this guy, as his spiritual advisor. this guy has the same
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understanding. it's jim wallis. he is in the same boat. collective valuecation guy and he is also a marxist, socialist. now, this is only just -- i know we're rehashing old ground here, but something is wrong. tie these things together. go back to reverend wright for a second. we showed you last night a month ago he was caught on tape and we played it for you. had it on the website he confirmed the idea that black liberation theology which is what he does is anti-capitalist, marxist, and also anti-israel. it's not hard to miss his anti-israel pose. he's by any definition i think an anti-semite. many of his sermons could be interchanged with any sermon given by louis farrakhan.
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this is why he is asking why israel can have nukes but iran cannot. >> we've got far too many believers today who are not willing to name -- [ inaudible ] advance with the demons. dance with me. dance with capitalism. we have the money to dance with them? no, baby, we're not there. when we have our swords in 2011, not in the shed but to nuclear warhead and beat all of those who don't dance to our music in submission and we determine that history ought to have nuclear weapons like we do, but iran can't have what we have. >> glenn: okay. so he goes on here to say iran, he is making the defense that iran should be able to have nuclear weapons. so there is an affinity to iran, anti-capitalist, anti-american and anti-israel. this is last month.
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i told you last night i respect strangely reverend wright, because he hasn't tried to hide his radical ideas. he is saying them. he is that the president is hiding his now to "appease the jews." this has been a consistent message. he has been consistent. there's really only picture of reverend wright and obama up, and only one of these two is telling us whohey really are. now this is where the president gets his understanding of collective salvation. while he was at this man's church, reverend wright went to visit muammar gaddafi. he traveled with louis farrakhan to libya to go meet with him. we also know this. barack obama was influenced by this man. so many others. now the facts of once barack
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obama gets into office, it's a series of consistent history of actions that are not friendly at all to israel. first, you have hillary clinton. saying that israel is unhelpful in the march 2009 settlement issues. do we have my pointer anywhere, do you know where that is? there it is. then we have this one. joe biden. he wants to dismantle all of the outpost. in 2009, obama criticizes israel over the settlements. in september 2009, obama tells the-up general assembly he doesn't accept legitimacy of the new israeli settlement. then the white house press secretary lashes out at israel over 900 new housing units in march of 2010, israel ambassador to the u.s. says relations between our two countries is the worst in over 30 years. a week after that comment, this happens. president obama ditches big
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ten big ten nentynyau, the prime minister, by dining nearby and keeping him waiting waiting with the ad. israeli paper described this as "treatment reserved for president of equatorial getting." why is the president, why is he doing this? may 29. 2010. obama sides against israel in nonproliferation treaty conference. the white house then expresses deep regret for the loss of life over the israeli flotilla raid. and openly supports a resolution that condemns israel for acts resulting in civilian deaths during the israeli operation. let's not forget, who is involved with that? that is code pink and another blast from the past, william
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ayers. bernadine doran. then the obama administration says it's disappointed with the settlement. in february, obama officials confirm they'll support israeli anti-settlement statement. and then the u.s. vetoes blatant anti-israel resolution, but still managed to feel obligated to express displeasure with israel, calling the settlement illegitimate and a folly. we have a couple of other things in the administration, we have general jones. obama's former national security advisor. he told a joke talking about a jewish merchant denying a member of the taliban water but offering him the sale of his goods. he told this joke and at the beginning of it, i mean immediately hearing it thinking my gosh, this is an antisemitic joke. what is this? nobody said anything about it.
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that is just some of it. just some of it. but you get the idea. somebody else in the administration, somebody else in the administration actually refers to jerusalem as the arab name for jerusalem which is meant to be used as a slam to jews. it basically means jerusalem doesn't exist. okay, so we know they are not fans of israel. we have that. but that doesn't mean anything, does it? does it have anything to do with why obama was so clear to destabilize this region? if you come over here, this region, egypt was on fire. he was quick, egypt is the only place that is holding the mobs back, that are here, here, because this is what was on fire, at the time he was saying this, this was on fire. this was on fire. tunisia, algeria, morocco,
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jordan, we also have -- what is this? gentlemen. -- yemen, somalia. bahrain was on fire at the time. and the president is saying yes, rise up in the streets. but remember, he didn't do it with iran. so he unleashes, he takes out, like or hate mubarak, and i hated him, but he was the keystone of stability holding down israel. libya, when he says rise up, youth of libia, they start to rise up. it takes him ten days to speak out. this is all old news. you know all of this. this hasn't seemed right, because if you want to speak out against, if you want to help the people who are rising up, you don't do what he did in jeremiah wright's iran. you don't do what he did in jeremiah wright's libya and
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wait and stay quiet. you're busy. no press conference. you help immediately when the momentum is going that way. something is not right. then something else came to my attention. nobody has really reported on this. i think i saw this reported on when i was on vacation. we've been looking into it for a while. but again, i was waiting for something, because something is not right. you know what? i'm just going to tell you what it is now. what my theory is now. separate my theory from the facts so you know. let me give you the facts. you see if you can make a decision to figure it out. here are the facts. this is a report, a report that libya undertook a massive p.r. campaign here in america. it ran from 2007 to 2009. it's the project to enhance
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the profile of muammar gaddafi. listen to this. the goal was to try to improve libya's image around the world and exercise libya's new emerging. but perhaps the toughest goal was to convince you that muammar gaddafi was good. that he was an intellectual, that he was a thinker, that he should be an ally. the monitor group, a p.r. company here in america, specializes working with government. it's actually based in boston. it was started by a few harvard professors. harvard. [ inaudible ] with this administration. they are hired to make the task of muammar gaddafi seem good to you and maybe we could have him as an ally. understand this task. you have to convince you that he should be an ally. not a foe. but this is a big task. i mean gaddafi doesn't even
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look sane. we all saw him speak at the u.n. he's nuts. obviously he needed some help. well, who did these people call? they called a couple of people. cass sunstein. was one of them. the next one was george soros. in their plan of action monitor brags about how they would, "introduce and bring to libya a meticulously selected group of independent and objective experts, who would be invited to libya, meet senior officials," et cetera, et cetera, and write more articles positively portray libya and colonel publish a book about libya based on a series of conversations between gaddafi and renowned expert visitors like this guy. have you ever seen him before? richard pearl. this is a neokahn who used to
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advise what's his name. dick cheney. also served under reagan. this guy, this guy is lord anthony gibbens. a professor -- see if this cool rings a bell -- london school of economics and political science. home of the fabian society. do we have the window? the home of this. fibbian socialists. and the place where george soros in his own words says at the london school of economics he learned about an open society. he started his open society institute based on what he learned there. open society institute. speaking of soros, he had no problem working with colonel gaddafi. in fact, it was soros who advised the school, the london school of economics that it was okay for them to accept $1.5 million gift from the gaddafi family.
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now, sir howard davies the former head of the london school of economics resipeed when the news of the gifts surfaced, because it came with, you've got to put gaddafi's son in to school. now, who did he tout as the school's biggest donor? for this? this is in his resignation. don't have it? the biggest donor to the school in the past year is george soros, who of course is of jewish origin. we operate, i believe, at a balanced view. okay. so he gets in trouble but he says look, we have george soros on our side. the other professors were embarrassed to be associated and give school to this guy. they were right. gaddafi's son got big fancy degrees and they were later shown to be nothing but plagiarism. he was plagiarizing his thesis. at the time, soros again makes
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excuses. here is his excuse. show soros' quote, please. he says, the left will connect with anybody. this is my theme they'll connect with anyone. here is what he said. "it was a mistake in judgment to convince these guys to take him. " it was a mistake in judgment. "i had advised the school it was acceptable to receive contribution from gaddafi's son saif on the grounds --" listen to this. "that he appeared at the time to be a believer in an open society and claimed to be working to move libya in that direction." so george soros in his open society and cass sunstein get together with all of these people and take money from gaddafi to make gaddafi bring him in the world. make them look good. why? because it's an open society
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that they promised they're moving forward. do you have a dream of open society, revolution or new world order? they'll connect with you. that was back in 2009. he did apologize and i gave you the apology. where do we go from here? it only gets worse next.
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>> glenn: america, we have a tough show for you tonight. i appreciate and i want you to do your own homework. we'll have reports later on so you can look at it but i want to separate fact from opinion. my opinion is something is not right with the president and his response and what is going on in the world right now. there is an unbeaten agenda. i'm laying out why i feel that way. i don't have a smoking gun but i have facts to give you a reasonable doubt. you may say it's style or out of touch. i don't know what it is but here are my facts. always the white house treated israel, so we know they're
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anti-israel. in many, many ways. he surrounds himself in many ways with people who are anti-semites. reverend wright was one of them. then you have this. project to enhance the profile of muammar gaddafi. this is a report we found and it's pretty amazing. cass sunstein is involved, george soros is soved they're trying to mainstream gaddafi because gaddafi convinced them he is for an open society and he is going to move libya in a new world order. let's go to the white house. white house is not connected with this directly as we can find but soros and cass sunstein are. at the white house do you remember the lockerbie bomber? this is the lockerbie bomber originally. he killed 270 people in a terror attack. he planted a bomb and exploded on board a flight.
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the world may have suspected but they couldn't prove that muammar gaddafi ordered the attack so we fast forward now to 2009. the lockerbie bomber is in prison and according to his doctors he only has a couple months to live. he convinces scotland to release him a let him have his last six months in libya at home. upon his arrival at the time he is greeted with a warm welcome by thousands of supporters and gaddafi's son. here is originally what president obama said about this. >> all of us in the united states were surprised, disappointed and angry about the release. of the lockyer -- of the lockerbie bomber. we expressed our objections. >> glenn: not true. this response created problem with england but wikileaks later revealed that obama
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secretly pleaded for the compassionate release of the lockerbie bomber and said it would be preferable to free him than put him in jail in libya. the president pointed the finger back to england claiming they wanted the lockerbie bomber released because they were in bed with b.p. and it was about contracts and about money. b.p. and the british again. okay. look at this for a second. i don't care what words say. let's look at actions. we have all of these actions. we have the actions from the obama administration, anti-israel. look at who the president surrounded himself. look how long it takes him to respond to anti-israel versus pro-israel uprising. he responds to egypt and he waits ten days to reach out to the revolution in iran and libya. not prorevolution for
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everybody, only some revolution in america, not prodemonstrations but prounion demonstrations, pro-progressive rally demonstrations, but anti-tea party rallies. his response to libyans is like the response to tea party. the response to egypt is like the response he gave to wisconsin. here is where it's about to get dangerous. this is why we're unfinished with this. we're unfinished with this but i feel compelled to give it to you. after the president encouraged uprising in egypt, they rise up in libya. but the president doesn't respond. things start to spiral out of control. bloomberg is now reporting that the death toll from the fighting may reach 15,000. the time to protect people with uprising and the time to be on their side is at the beginning when the momentum is in their favor. do you remember when bush said
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people should rise up against van heusen and they begged for no-fly zone as they rose up and followed him, but we didn't do it. i gave saddam hussein a chance to liquidate his enemies. bush didn't respond to the cries for help. we know the reason now. it was years later. we don't have the time to find out what is going on here. president obama says we need international support from the u.n. for a no-fly zone they vote for it at 6:00 p.m. but the defense secretary says we need not just a no fly zone, we need military strikes as well and we need a broad, broad umbrella. watch. >> let's just call a spade a spade. a no-fly zone begins with an attack cxsgcaptionpass libya. to destroy the air defenses. that is the way you do a no-fly zone. then you can fly planes around
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the country. not worry about our guys being shot down. that's the way it starts. it requires more airplanes than you would find on a single aircraft carrier. so it's a big operation in a big country. >> glenn: i want you to understand this. now is a full-fledged civil war and the upper hand is with colonel gaddafi. if we go in now, pray for our troops. more importantly if we go in now we'll be engaged in three theaters of operation: pakistan, iraq and libya. our soldiers -- or afghanistan. our soldiers are stretched thin. we're also in the region from shore to shore that hates us. it's unstable. most importantly we'd now be bombing in three muslim countries, god help us all.
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when i said last night i was upset about the ncaa bracket thing, it wasn't because it was just a joke. it's because we are dealing with huge enormous issues and something isn't right. here is one thing that nobody talked about or even asked. every american and all those who cherish freedom should ask, where is the leader of the free world? not the instigator of a revolution, or community organizer or agitator or union representative. where is the leader of the free world? where is winston churchill anywhere on planet earth? where is an f.d.r. even anywhere on planet earth? everybody is getting ready to change the system in to a global but nobody will define it. we see the leaders. what you see from the president on all issues isn't leadership. he either doesn't care what is
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going on around the globe or intentionally blowing them off. a different agenda here. maybe it's a style, but it is a big, big problem. the free world must have a leader.
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i'm patti ann browne, president obama addresses the nuclear crisis in japan. he told americans he does not expect harmful levels of radiation to reach our country. the president said he is calling for a comprehensive safety review of the 104 nuclear reactors in the u.s. today the president made an an unannounced visit to the japanese embassy and siped a condolence book and reiterated the u.s. commitment to the japanese people. meanwhile, in japan, emergency workers are trying a variety of methods to cool down those overheating fuel rods at the troubled nuclear facility. it's not clear if any of the new attempts have worked. complete coverage of is japan's nuclear crisis on
5:37 pm glenn beck returns in a moment but first, bret previews "special report." jamming up, muammar gaddafi -- >> bret: coming up, muammar gaddafi plans to hold a final attack tonight as the u.n. security resolution wants no-fly zone and authorizes all necessary members. join me at the top of the hour. ♪ ♪ >> glenn: i'm going to be real honest and frank with you. i think our country is realigning, i think the whole world is realigning and it's being divvied up and i think we're realigning with new allies and new friends. i can't understand much of what is going on now. the facts do not match what the statements are. japan bothers me, not just the president but us, too. the president did just deliver
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a speech about japan two hours ago and he made statements all the way along about japan. but there is a much more important speech i feel is missing. this is one of our most important allies. again, the disaster has been remarkable. despite what the president said earlier, we are not helping at the level we should. i don't mean the government. i mean us. i hope this isn't the lesson of collective salvation. it's not the government that is supposed to take care of things. we are. the president of the united states has a very powerful tool when he wants to make a statement. it is the oval office. this is the closest we can get to it. you've seen this over and over again. because when the president sits behind his desk it carries a different message. it's used on big occasions. it's used before we go to war
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and used when we have major crisis. it's used when there is real trouble. when the president needs to capture your attention. it's usually done at night, not 3:00 in the afternoon. the president of the united states needs to connect with people. i don't know why he hasn't on this. he should have sat down at night in the oval office and maybe the next day, sooner than now. and said these words to america. "mill fellow americans, i -- my fellow americans i know that you like me are heartbroken over what the people in japan are enduring right now. it was a massive earthquake. 9.0. you know it. you can't avoid it. you've seen it everywhere. it's one of the largest earthquakes in our planet's history and it devastated the region and then sparked a tsunami, which wiped out the
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entire villages and towns. we don't know the full extent of human life lost or property damage but it's in the tens of thousands that are lost. the tidal wave has always overwhelmed a nuclear power plant. causing that could become a nuclear meltdown that would endanger the lives of thousands more. not here. but there. i know you've seen some of the pictures. and videos that have come out of japan. the devastation is overwhelming. japan is a good friend and ally to the united states. right now, there are millions without power, food or water or shelter. this is human suffering on a scale that we in this country i hope to god we never face. but the great blessings that we have enjoyed for so long, we can scarcely even imagine what is happening over in
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japan. but even in the face of this horrific adversity, the true spirit and dignity of the japanese people has shone brightly through the chaos and the fall-out. there seems to be a dogged determination in the eyes of those who survived. they remind us of us. the best of us. people are pitching in and coming together in their communities to take care of each other. as americans, we relate to that. we relate to the work ethic of the japanese people. and crossing the mountains and never giving up. people's whose products we used to laugh at but now we don't laugh at the products they've become state-of-the-art. because the amazing group of people applied themselves out of the literal ashes. they have at times beaten us
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and fair and honest competition and taught us a lesson in doing so. we'll rise to the occasion and each of us will grow stronger in friendly competition. it is in those challenges of life that we grow as people, but those challenges are usually accompanied by great pain and sorrow. that is the kind of growth the japanese people are going through now. despite the total devastation in some areas of the country, there has been no looting. when our media asks why is there no looting in japan, you have to ask yourself why is that question being asked? wouldn't the question -- shouldn't it be good people are good to each other in a time of crisis. when has that puzzled us? that is the question. it says a lot, not about japan but us. there is still a culture in japan of respect. respect for your fellow man and property. in japan it's not why don't i
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take stuff from my neighbors, the question is why would i? this we need to learn from japan. japan is a nation that when we were reeling on 9/11, and our hearts were broken we felt alone and vulnerable. they stood beside us and every day since, others turned against us during the wars in iraq and afghanistan they are the friends, brothers and sisters and they have been staggered now by a sucker punch from mother nature. we're going to of course send the military, navy and whatever we can, because we're friends. but the greatest news of america we're the most charitable nation on earth. we must start our charity
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mission. " this is the speech he should have given. i'll finish it. and tell you about the mission next.
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>> glenn: i want you to know i have profound respect for the office of the president of the united states no matter who is in it, in the oval office. i was showing you a minute ago, the speech that the president hadn't given. i did it sitting here. for a reason. camera one, for a reason. this is a different view. it carries different feel and power. and 8:00 p.m. address nationwide about japan is critical. in the first six days our citizens have given $64 million in donations to japan. but compare that to the
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$210 million to haiti. six days after the earthquake there. some days in the press will eventually ask why. to me, it's not about japan. i hope. it's not about us -- i hope it's not about us. have we already learned a lesson i feared was being taught, that charity starts with the government, are we looking to the got to the military to take care of all of this? have we learned this from other countries? if so, we must stop. when it comes to charity, goodness and helping others, that is who we are. that is who we are best at being. that's where we will always lead the world and america ceases to be america when we lose that that. japan may make better tvs and cars and they will always lead the country in other things. we may lead in cars or television again some day, i don't know but we must always lead the world in heart. or we lose the essence of who
5:50 pm
we are. japan needs us. the world is in trouble. i know you're in tough times. i know. but when the going gets tough, they call the americans. please. can we not be there for the japanese people just as we were there for the haitians? call the red cross. send a statement. go online and make a donation or text "redcross" to 90999, make a $10 donation. we must teach a lesson to ourselves. to the rest of the world. to our children. that no matter how tough things get, america will always lead the world in heart.
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♪ >> glenn: i just shared the speech with you that i wish the president would give on japan. but i was thinking, you know, since i'm giving it, i should have ended it this way. i guess i would have wrapped it up with and by the way,
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there is this guy that comes on tv in the afternoon and he's coming after me a lot and he's made my life a living hell. and let's be honest, that's why i hold a lot of press conferences at 5:00 p.m. to pre-empt his crappy show. anyway, right now i'm checking out my ncaa tournament brackets. this is the only wins i have. and i'm off to rio this weekend and then finish off the last of my smokes i'm hiding from michelle. get to the point. this guy tomorrow is doing a show on japan that even i will be watching. yes. and you should be too. that is an executive order. we'll just have it regulated that all tvsare tuned in at 5:00 tomorrow on fox. yeah. maybe i'll watch it after, i've got a meeting with trumka. he gets here for a third afl-cio meeting of the day. somebody remind me to get cass sunstein on that, will you? don't miss tomorrow's program. what we need to learn from the people of japan. don't miss it tomorrow at 5:00.
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>> glenn: i have to tell you i got up at 12:00 and i was bothered about the headline, i couldn't sleep about the reactor. i thought i must be steering people wrong. i have couldn't figure it out. sothing is not right. i started to do my homework and realizeed i read this two years ago.


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